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Train event of Japanese best category which both child and adult can enjoy!

GRANSHIP train Festa 2019

Railroad event of Japanese best category to be able to enjoy in families including railroad model corner and mini-SL ride society.
We sell railroad goods and goods original other than specialty station lunch in the prefecture in booth of railroad company of the prefecture companies.
Small children can enjoy in work corner and kids Aria in peace, too.
"fujinokuni railroad concert" where "cedar Tetsu" of popularity appears to "fujinokuni railroad talk" that Tomomi Kuno of woman Announcer Kotetsu and manager, Yusuke Minamida of Horipro known as staunch Japan Railfan Magazine approach in charm of railroad in the prefecture and Japan Railfan Magazine is holding! It is two days to be able to enjoy train service in various forms.

◆Railroad model corner
Several thousand railroad models run! View from 2.3 floor seat of Main Hall - Ocean is the best part!

◆Mini-SL ride society 11th Saturday 10:00-12:00/13:00-15:00, 12th Sunday 10:00-12:00/13:00-14:00
Mini Shinkansen ride society 11th Saturday 12:00-13:00/15:00-16:00, 12th Sunday 12:00-13:00/14:00-15:00
※Ride party is held in GRANSHIP open space. It may become change, cancellation by equal convenience in case of rain.

◆"fujinokuni railroad concert" (Medium Hall - Earth) ※No charge for admission, advance reservations unnecessary, every day one time
Concert by piano violin Duo "cedar Tetsu" who is popular in concert that fused with railroad in classical music.
   11th Saturday 11:00-12:00
 12th Sunday 14:00-15:00

◆fujinokuni railroad talk (the first-floor Medium Hall - Earth) ※No charge for admission, advance reservations unnecessary, every day one time
  Appearance: Tomomi Kuno (woman Announcer Kotetsu), Yusuke Minamida (manager of Horipro)
    11th Saturday 14:00 - 15:00 (Gakunan train, Shizuoka Railway, Tenryu Hamanako railroad, Ensyu Railway)
  12th Sunday 11:00-12:00 (Izukyu, Izuhakone Railway, JR Central, JR freight)
   Tomomi Kuno     Yusuke Minamida        State of last year

◆Railroad model for kids floor (the eleventh floor) child comes up! In the corner that puts rail and model together freely, and can be idle.

◆Railroad photograph display corner (the sixth floor)
◆Railroad work classroom (the sixth floor) 
◆We photograph railroad uniform taking a ceremonial photograph for stationmaster feeling in uniform of each photo studio (the third floor) railroad company!
◆Eaves/Fuyang eaves/Gion out of specialty of prefecture station lunch corner (the third floor) jishotei/Tokai eaves/Tokaken/peach
◆Nine railroad companies in the prefecture railroad company corner (the third floor) prefecture come up. As for sale of original railroad goods, the sightseeing information along the line.
◆Shizuoka Hobby Show Satellite venue (the first-floor entrance)
Display booth by railroad model company exhibiting for "the 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show" debuts in train Festa!
◆Panel introduces charm and way of enjoying fujinokuni railroad story/first railroad model corner (the first floor) railroad models, line in the prefecture
◆Railroad goods, railroad toy sale corner (the first floor)
◆Stamp rally
(we collect stamps visiting the GRANSHIP building and Satellite venues and get premium!)
 ※Lottery venue is GRANSHIP Main Hall - Ocean the third floor north side foyer.
 ※Stamp rally can participate once a day per person. (finished as soon as premium disappears)
◆Visit tour every day 11:30/13:30 to be heated when GRANSHIP is boiled
 We explore the GRANSHIP building! Can you usually go to place not to be able to enter?
 ※Participation applicant from GRANSHIP ticket center (10:00-18:30 except TEL054-289-9000/ closed day) or
(on the day come in mobile clothes in front of hall in the first floor.) 

◆JR freight auction, article sale (the tenth-floor 1003 Conference Rooms) ※Every day holding
 Auction sells treasured parts of JR freight! 

"GRANSHIP train Festa 2019" Satellite venue
Let's play in East Shizuoka on Sunday on Saturday, May 11, 12th! Stamp gets in Satellite venue, too!
Shizuoka Railway Naganuma garage (no charge for admission)
◆We sell vehicle display such as good old dewa 1 forms and railroad goods.
[time] 9:30-16:00 (weekdays 9:00-17:45)
Inquiry: Shizuoka Railway TEL054-254-5108 (weekdays 9:00-17:45)

MARK IS Shizuoka 
◆Let's prepare only original train into the world!
(possible participation of one by the presentation of receipt (adding up possible) more than purchase tax-included 2,000 yen in MARK IS Shizuoka on that day)
[time] ①11:00 -② 12:00 -③ 13:00 -④ 14:00 -⑤ 15:00 -⑥ 16:00 ... (in ⑥ only on Saturday, May 11)
※20 people the first in each time
[object] Child
[venue] In front of hommamon restaurant on the third floor
Inquiry: Mark is Shizuoka TEL054-297-3000 (10:00-21:00)

◆◇◆Shizuoka destination campaign tourist train "town Shizuoka train of hobby" travels!◆◇◆
Limitation starting on Saturday, May 11!
Railroad and trip to enjoy event of model to wait, and to go for in Shizuoka train of hobby.
Two days to be able to enjoy railroad event "GRANSHIP train Festa 2019" and "the 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show" of Japanese best category!
Trip plan, enforcement: JR TOKAI TOURS
"Railroad and trip to enjoy event of model to wait, and to go for in Shizuoka train of hobby"
[from Yokohama] [from Nagoya]

About train, trip product to operate during "Shizuoka destination campaign" period (East Japan Railway Company. press release/PDF)
About approach of "Shizuoka destination campaign" (Central Japan Railway Company. press release/PDF)

≪To customer of visit≫
On the day congestion of GRANSHIP and neighborhood parking lot is expected. I would like the use of public transport.

Date Saturday, May 11, 2019, 12th Sunday
10:00-17:00 (12th - 15:30)
Entrance last with both days is 30 minutes ago of the end
Venue GRANSHIP all the buildings
Rate No charge for admission
Sponsorship Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Shizuoka Cultural Foundation, Shizuoka
The cosponsorship Shizuoka HO club (SHOC)
Support Play Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Board of Education, Shizuoka-shi Board of Education, (public corporation) Shizuoka Sightseeing Association, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, but plan sightseeing station, Izukyu Corp., Izuhakone Railway Co.,Ltd., Ensyu Railway, Oigawa Railway, Gakunan train, JR freight Tokai branch office, JR Central Shizuoka branch office, Shizuoka Railway, Tenryu Hamanako railroad
Cooperation Are railway club, Aizu reed! F nine diorama club is endless, and do cherry tree gate iron play society, O scale world, 923 network clubs, club N, HO Shimizu, club liner, gekidan samporu, circle 165, society of suha, but is with copying knob, Suruga railroad model club, Suruga live club, swallow angel club, general trains club (GTC), iron club, society of railroad photograph circle seven iron, society Shizuoka branch office of railroad friend, railroad model club; meeting, Nagaizumi railroad model club, Nagoya HO club, Nagoya Mel poppo club, Nagoya model railroad club (NMRC), Japan railroad model Kanto alliance, Japan zeroth railroad club (JORC), head mark five nine, model crampons barn club, constipated biography forest, 0-ru Ebisu (the order of the kana syllabary)
Inquiry GRANSHIP ticket center TEL054-289-9000
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